Putting Your Services Into The Palm Of The Hand

Did you know that mobile internet usage actually surpasses that of desktop usage? Making your website mobile compatible ensures your potential clients and audience can have access to you at their fingertips. The goal is for your website content to be responsive and properly sized for any device (desktop, smartphone, or tablet) with which your targeted market chooses to learn more about you.

With the help Zentrigue offers, your website can be visible across several means. Keeping your website current and relevant these days indicates it is also mobile compatible. We can help you get there by using your current design and content or helping you start from scratch!

iPhone/Android Apps

Making your website accessible via mobile devices is not the only way to keep connected with your audience. Offering iPhone and/or Android apps that your clients and followers can keep on their phone give them unfettered access to the services you provide. Zentrigue can customize a dedicated app that allows you to offer an endless list of features like:

  • Easy ways to donate
  • Store appointments
  • Reminders
  • Convenient ways to make contact
  • Access photo galleries and albums

Contact Zentrigue Today for an Evaluation

At Zentrigue, we work with you to integrate your brand, website, marketing material, and social media into your marketing strategy in a comprehensive manner. We ensure effective results with customized reports and analytics that will keep you apprised of how your marketingĀ is working for you. Customizing a marketing plan that is dynamic and fits your budget and aspirations is our ultimate goal!

Contact us today for an evaluation of your current website content or to discuss creating a new strategy. We look forward to talking to you about how we can help grow your business or organization!