Our Partners

Meet Our Partners

Zentrigue will often asses the overall needs of our clients and in an effort to tailor a customized marketing strategy, will utilize the extensive skill-set of partners that have proven to provide additional options if needed. Zentrigue will often act as a project manager and/or liaison when working with a partner to ensure the overall experience is as expected.


CreativeTake Medical – Zentrigue has often utilized CreativeTake’s expertise for website design and development, and SEO services. Many of our clients have had stunning, custom built websites designed and developed by CreativeTake’s graphic design and development contractors. Once the sites were completed, we then worked with CreativeTake’s team for hosting, site management, and finally on-site and off-site SEO services to ensure clients websites rank organically on the major search engines.

In turn, from May 2010 to February 2018, CreativeTake utilized Zentrigue’s team to perform social media marketing, email marketing, reputation management, content development and practice consulting for a majority of their medical and non-medical clients as listed on their website.

Genius Advertising and Marketing Agency – Kay Stelling owns Genius! Advertising and Marketing agency that has a track record of getting positive results for clients. As a media buyer, she believes it’s important to develop a well researched strategy, create a tactical plan and then execute with detailed accuracy and cost efficiency. This focus came from 30 years’ experience in marketing and media management positions. Kay has experience negotiating and buying traditional offline media as well as managing Google Adword campaigns. Kay is also a versed Public Relations specialist and works with Zentrigue on a regular basis when her specialized expertise is necessary.

Dash Technologies, LLC – Dave Tessitor owns and operates Dash Technologies, LLC., which is a professional services firm focused on delivering high-caliber technology consulting and managed services on the Microsoft platform. Founded in 1999, Dash Technologies is a Microsoft Partner that delivers value-added services in the areas of Business Intelligence (BI), Corporate Portals, Custom Development, and IT Infrastructure. Dash Technologies is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and provides services to clients throughout the United States. Dash Technologies’ clients range from well-established firms, such as doctors, lawyers and Global 2000 companies. In assisting clients to reach their business goals,

Dash Technologies leverages leading-edge Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), SQL Server, Microsoft .NET Framework, Windows Server, ASP.NET, REST Web Services, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), Silverlight, Flash and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). Dash Technologies also develops mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android  and the Windows Phone mobile devices.

Dropkick Digital – Eli Rosenberg owns Dropkick Digital, which a “small but functional” website design and development company. Zentrigue partners with Eli and his team for smaller budget, template based WordPress websites for clients who are looking for something simple. Eli and his team offer over 10 years of industry experience and provide realistic solutions “cheaper than the next guy”. Zentrigue has worked with Eli and his team for several template based website projects ranging from social media marketers, attorneys to cosmetic dentists. They offer web design solutions and services that range from small personal blog sites to e-commerce sites.