What We Do

Cultivating Relationships that Matter

We’ve decided to take our combined decades of experience and put our heads together to give you a better experience. We take only a few clients at a time so that we are fully engaged with you and your vision. We’ve been there before ourselves and know how it feels to have someone take their time and help navigate the ever-changing landscape of marking and technology. We love what we do! We enjoy cultivating long-lasting relationships where we can see our combined efforts result in your ultimate goal.

There are times that we will need to “shift-gears” and re-write our marketing strategy or technology plan based on regular review of results and metrics. Looking at your ongoing plans and strategies as evolving, living, dynamic processes instead of static, stagnant “set-up and let-go” options is what we do best. We look forward to developing and management a results-based, multi-channel plan that grows with your needs.

Starting Out or Starting Over

Businesses and professionals are often uncertain about new media platforms. Many times, money is wasted on expensive, out-dated media, resulting in a sub-optimal return on investment. Zentrigue provides unique and modern marketing solutions, focusing on new digital media marketing solutions, including: web2.0, social media and universal search optimization. The benefits of e-marketing have become apparent over the last decade. Understanding the many uses of websites and social media has become essential to a successful business. This knowledge provides a highly diverse and dynamic form of advertising, as opposed to the static methods of traditional print media. Websites and social media pages are easily monitored and the return on investment is often far greater than that of traditional methods.